About The Show

Hi!! Thanks for being here!!

We're Rob & Emily, the creators of The Emily Spinach Show!

We're also married!

This show has some real love behind it - we're a married creative team based in NYC.

Cute! But...what is The Emily Spinach Show?

Watch our short video!

The Emily Spinach Show is a talk show for kids of all ages - including the inner child that lives inside of you right now!

Read on for more details... 🐍


The audience of The Emily Spinach Show should feel represented by the the guests we hire to join Emily Spinach up onstage. The guests and the crew/artists/writers will provide perspectives, experiences, and identities that differ from our, the creators, own.

We will use our positions of leadership to make The Emily Spinach Show a platform for traditionally under-represented voices and vocations. This is imperative to the success, growth, and impact of our show.


Emily Spinach will sit down with every guest for an interview. Questions posed by Ms. Spinach will range from, “How do you deal with bullies?” to "What are you very, very afraid of?" to “If you got to eat free pizza every single day for the rest of your life, but you’d also burp every two minutes, and also your burps would come out kinda purple-y...would you?”

(the answer to that is yes, obviously)

Creative Storytelling!

Before filming begins, we'll collaborate with our guests to bring a childhood anecdote or lesson to life using animation, claymation, music, or anything else fun that we come up with. Guests will help Emily Spinach answer the "theme" of her episode - like "What do I do with all the feelings inside?" and "Who can I turn to when I don't understand something?"


Characters like "Carmichael the Mouse", "Chicken the Chicken," and "Alice the Snake" will star in short skits and sketches, filling out the world of Emily Spinach!


Carmichael is highly regarded in the Underground Comedy Scene!

(Very underground)

(It's...it's literally underground)


Every episode will have a musical guest - a real band or musician that we hire to play a kid-friendly song! Imagine a Broadway performer belting out an original piece about the importance of asking for help with math homework, a punk band singing about making friends in the cafeteria, or a talented violinist who gives a rousing rendition of “Itsy, Bitsy, Spider.”

Emily Whozawhatsit?

Emily Spinach is the host of The Emily Spinach Show, of course! 😉

Emily Spinach is kooky, confident, uncoordinated, and over-the-top. Most importantly, she's a good listener, and treats everyone who joins her onstage as the most exciting, important person she's ever met - because they are!

The name "Emily Spinach" is a nod to Alice Roosevelt, a rule-breaking socialite and gifted writer. Alice was President Roosevelt's daughter, infamous for proudly ignoring the gendered expectations put on her by high society. Basically, she was a very cool broad!

"Alice Roosevelt was known for antics like smoking on the White House roof, carrying a snake in her purse, and betting at horse races. Her parents swallowed their aggravation because the public clearly adored her."


That snake in her purse was her pet, named Emily Spinach, a fact that delighted us so much we knew we had to incorporate it somehow into our show. To round out our homage to Ms. Roosevelt, we have named Emily Spinach's co-host Alice The Snake. The ol' switcheroo!

What age is this for, exactly?

Well... all ages!

If you're under 6 years old, you're going to love the larger-than-life characters, fluffy stuffed animals, and the bright and warm aesthetic of Emily Spinach's world. Also, the music, games, silly skits, and storytelling.

If you're between 6 and 12, you'll really like the cool animation, the humor, the music, and the stories. You'll be old enough to dig some of the bigger themes of the show, and may even be starting to think about what you want to be when you grow up! You may be interested to learn about careers you've never seen up close, like, Historian or Playwright.

If you're between 12 and 18, you're going to like learning about the wide variety of things you can do and you can be. You'll like the younger musicians and artists we invite on the show, and, you'll appreciate the dry delivery and unrelenting over-confidence of Emily Spinach.

If you're 18 - 100, yeah, here's what's up, you're ALSO going to love it! We bet you'll actually sit down with your kids and watch with them!

And if there aren't little ones around to give you an excuse to sit down and indulge in some joyful silliness, it's all good. Go ahead and join the club! We're doing this for you, too!

what's up with all the stuffed animals?

Just like Emily Spinach has her co-host Alice The Snake by her side, every guest/grown-up on The Emily Spinach Show will be accompanied by their very own stuffed animal "friend." They are extremely good actors to have on set. Very committed!

Well... We want to help change the world. We want to use our training and skills as actors to collaborate with other artists on something "big."

We also happen to think that there is something missing from the overwhelming landscape of children's television, as two "grown-up kids" who were raised with programming like Mister Rogers. He imagined and realized a space for children to understand the chaos of the outside world, all within the gentle confines of his neighborhood. The Emily Spinach Show will take that concept and run with it to create programming that is inclusive, fun, and creative for audiences in 2021 (and beyond!)


Mister Rogers, LeVar Burton, Bill Nye, Shari Lewis, and Jim Henson paved the way.

Will you help us add Emily Spinach to the list?