Meet the Gang

Below, you'll see the faces of some of the wick-edly talented folks who are working with us to bring Emily Spinach to life!

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Joe Fusco (he/him), Producer, Editor, Collaborator

"What a groovy guy!" - you, probably

"...Joe founded Fusco Productions to provide access to world-class marketing to brands of all sizes. In a few short years, Fusco Productions has generated millions of dollars in value for businesses across a range of verticals."

For more info on our friend Joe and his talents, find him on Instagram

Brianna Chin (she/her), Hair & Makeup Artist

"Hi there! I'm Brianna, and I've had the pleasure of working with Emily and Rob on this incredible project. Though my main crafts include makeup and hair, my background is in costume design for theater- so I very much enjoy themes, characters, and storytelling! I live and work mainly in New York City and I'm always interested in taking on new projects and meeting new people! If you'd like to see more of my work or follow my adventures, my website is and my Instagram is @makeupwithchinny."

Imani Pearl Williams (she/her), Guest, Contributor

Imani Pearl Williams is an actor, singer, dancer, model, Cool Girl™, and guest of the Emily Spinach Show. Find her on Instagram @imanipearlz, or visit her website to learn more!

AJ Clauss (they/them), Guest, Contributor

Writer, Performer, YoungBlood, Hoosier, New Yorker, and close friend of Emily Spinach herself, AJ Clauss will be doing work both on and off the camera for our pilot episode.

IG: @ajclauss

Hannah Haverkamp (she/her), Illustrations

Hannah Haverkamp is a costume designer and illustrator based in the Midwest, and currently pursuing her MFA in Costume Design. She loves throwing paint around and making music, and takes the feelings of stuffed animals very seriously.

Find her on Instagram @haverkamphannah

Kat Schober (she/her), Graphic Designer

The genius behind our logos/merchandise!

"Kat Schober is a graphic designer and handletterer in Austin, TX who stares at colors and letters all day like a sesame street character, and will do just about anything if you buy her boba tea."

You can see her work on IG (@katchulaa) and

Emily Fury Daly (she/her), Actor/Writer/Producer

Emily Fury Daly is an actor and writer living in NYC with her husband and cat, Hippo. By night, she may be Emily Spinach, but by day, she works in childcare! She loves coffee, Dolly Parton, and classifies "The Muppets Take Manhattan" as a cinematic masterpiece.

IG: @emilyfurydaly

Rob Tendy (he/him), Director/Producer/Actor

Rob Tendy is an actor, teacher, and voiceover artist living in NYC with his cat and wife, listed in no particular order. He'll help bring our world to life by portraying some of the more eccentric characters in the Emily Spinach Cinematic Universe!

IG: @therealrobtendy

Alex Samaras (he/him), Composer

Alex Samaras is recognized as one of North America's leading singers in the jazz, experimental and new music idioms.

Alex’s band Tryal released their first record, companion, in 2017. They have performed their “lithe, dream-like” songs at festivals across Canada, and will release a new record in 2021. His vocal group Grex explores the extremes of the human voice and the body/voice connection. He has performed in several well-known bands, including Twin Within (Hidden Pony Records) and The Queer Songbook Orchestra. Both groups have released records to critical acclaim. He has also worked with the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble in NYC, and in 2019 he toured Europe and the United Kingdom with Beverley Glenn-Copeland.

Alex is also an active member in the Toronto theatre and dance community. He has premiered new operas and created roles in new musicals, most recently in “The Cave” by John Millard and Thompson Highway at the 2019 Luminato Festival. Since 2013, he has worked as a composer and collaborator with choreographers including Susie Burpee, Meredith Thompson and with Ame Henderson and Christopher House at the Toronto Dance Theatre.

Alex loves collaborating with people of all ages. He has taught at the University of Toronto Jazz Department, Humber College, Jazz Works Music Camp and National Music Camp, where he directs a chorus of 250 hundred high school students. He is also the founder of the PAL Chorale, a community choir for seniors at the Performing Artists Lodge in Toronto.